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Sacred Institutions, 2023

Missing Parts, 2021-2022

Collaborative paintings with Harry W. Sidebotham II

The InBetween, 2018-2021

Rentals & Other Rooms, 2017

To break the rules, we must learn the rules. The rules of perspective and color are a blueprint for the creation of imaginary spaces. The laws are rules to keep us complacent in times of great instability. Perspectives form translations of reality. We are the working class and we take pride in what little we got. We create spaces to escape disenchantment, to create stability. We create spaces that swallow those who inhabit it. We fixed cracked, damaged plaster and drywall with textures, motifs, and distractions. Hallways and hedge mazes are the opulent prisons of our choosing- It lends itself to kitsch. It's become out discreet dollar store war room. Resistance is the framework of our palace. Kitsch politicizes our palace. There's much to escape. There's much to learn. There's much to fight. Now is not the time to get comfortable. We have work to do.