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A series of works exploring the paradox of finding freedom in a world where every aspect of our psychological and physical world is controlled by the SACRED INSTITUTIONS.
       SACRED INSTITUTIONS (financial/governmental/academic/medical/religious/cultural/societal) hold bearing to the human experiences of accomplishment and suffering. Every great thing we have achieved and every horrific personal atrocity is rooted here. Triumph and Trauma. This body of work was made through assessment of the power dynamics of success versus freedom from want. Ritual process is imperative for discovery. We experience freedom from want by relishing in our present moments. Creating is how we fully experience the present to process and let go of psychological restraints so to teeter on THEE PRECIPICE OF BLISS; as every human experience is marred by the looming presence of SACRED INSTITUTIONS.

My paintings are subconscious tours navigating dream-state and memory-based amalgamations of familiar places of Triumph and Trauma, which are all attributable to SACRED INSTITUTIONS. I focus on THEE PRECIPICE OF BLISS.

THEE PRECIPICE OF BLISS is an attainable constant state in which we activate to obtain freedom from want. Ritual process of pain and pleasure.
My sculpture work is reactive to SACRED INSTITUTIONS by means of using found objects charged with cultural and personal meaning to criticize the false standards of reality which SACRED INSTITUTIONS feed to us.

How can you find freedom within your self?
How can you subvert SACRED INSTITUTIONS?

Lyzz Lundberg Sidebotham, 2023.


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